8 Ramen Meal Kits Delivery Services Delivered to NYC

Covid-19 has completely changed the way we enjoy our favorite meals, which, of course, includes ramen. Traditionally, you have to stand in a long line if you want to taste truly scrupulous ramen bowls. You don’t have to anymore! Thanks to new options available on market: meal kits and delivery services.

We’ve compiled a list of Ramen meal kits delivered to NYC. If you still don’t feel safe or simply don’t want to stand in a long line for quality ramen, here’s a list for you.

In this list, we’ll feature the following 8 ramen brands that deliver to NYC and discuss their brand and pricing.

  • Ichiran USA
  • Ramen Museum New York (Us)
  • Ramen@Home
  • Ramen Nakamura (via Goldbelly)
  • AFURI (via Goldbelly)
  • Ramen Hero
  • Menya Jiro (via Goldbelly)
  • Ivan Ramen (via Goldbelly)

* disclaimer: Sorted by lowest to highest for Pricing per Servings that includes the shipping fee and it is not listed by the quality of the ramen.

Here’s a snapshot.

BrandOrder AmountServingsShipping Cost to NYCPricing Per Serving
Ichiran USA$29.003$11.99$13.66
Ramen Museum New York$49.964$6.99$14.24
Ramen Hero$71.464$15.00$21.62
AFURI (Goldbelly)$89.003$0.00$24.80
Menya Jiro (Goldbelly)$109.004$0.00$27.25
Ramen Nakamura (Goldbelly)$119.004$0.00$29.75
Ivan Ramen (Goldbelly)$149.004$0.00$37.25

Okay. Let’s dive into it!


Ichiran USA

Being synonymous with Tonkotsu Ramen in the US, Ichiran USA offers instant ramen kits. 

The Ichiran USA’s ramen kit offers 3 tonkotsu ramen bowls and includes:

  • Soup Concentrate 1.9 oz / 53 g (3 packs)
  • Hakata Noodles 2.6 oz / 75 g (3 packs)
  • Original Spicy Red Seasoning 0.4 oz / 1 g (3 packs)

Some of Reviews:

This take-home ramen kit is by far some of the best ramen I’ve personally ever had, inside and outside of restaurants. I’ve always heard good things about ichiran but have never been to the location in NYC. This was a great opportunity to see what the hype was about and boy did it deliver. I had this with my girlfriend and we added eggs and pork belly to it just to further the experience but just by itself, the thin noodles and the soup base were incredible. The spice packet also added an extra real kick of taste to it that was able to give a whole extra experience. Everything just felt so fresh, so refreshing and light, the taste was so whole and when cooked right it just comes out beautifully. It comes with everything it needs and I recommend trying it if you are not only a fan of ramen but just eating in general. You won’t be disappointed.

Puts american ramen to shame it’s so expensive new York is very height price food its better to buy 3 boxes because Your going to come back again forever I am hook on this gold ramen its to bad only 1 Japanese restaurant is in New York but this is the only opinion I had compared to EBay I bought back in 2015 & got the same 1 X red pack 1X original famous pork broth but the pork broth was not liquid like Ichiran USA online store NY & the ramen was packed like America top ramen is made NEVER go back to buying off EBay for this ichiran noodles

PackageICHIRAN Take-Home Ramen Kit
Shipping Cost to NYC$11.99
Pricing Per Serving$13.66

URL: https://shop.ichiranusa.com/


Ramen Museum New York (Us)

Ramen Museum New York is a newly launched ramen kit delivery service.

Being Supported by Japanese ramen industry legend, Rokusuke Take, not only do they serve authentic ramen, but they also bring fresh concepts to the table: a variety of new toppings and Ajihen, flavor changing experience midway through the meal.

The Ramen Museum New York’s ramen offers a variety of ramen kits that include Tonkotsu, Shio, Shoyu, Miso and Fusion.

Some of Reviews:

If I could give this a billion stars, I would! The entire process was seamless! Ordering was easy,  the delivery person was extremely nice – going the extra mile since I was having a difficulty that day. They even checked back to be sure all was ok.The ramen was DELICIOUS!!! I wish I ordered more kits to keep in the freezer! Noted for next time. The instructions are very easy to follow. Love love love this place and will be ordering again.

I absolultely loved the Chashu Pork Ramen!  It was better than any restaurant in New York.  The ajihen (flavor pack) at the end was a nice touch and very unique. I have never seen that at in an American Ramen restaurant.

PackageAll Star Ramen Variety Pack w/o Toppings
Shipping Cost to NYC$6.99
Pricing Per Serving$14.24

URL: https://ramenmuseum.nyc/



Ramen@Home is a ramen meal kit offered by a well-known ramen restaurant, Ramen Ishida.

The Ramen@Home offers 3 types of ramen kits: 1) Mix (2 x Fish Tonkotsu and 2 x Truffle Shoyu), 2) Fish Tonkotsu (4 x Fish Tonkotsu), 3) Truffle Shoyu (4 x Truffle Shoyu).

Some of Reviews:

Crushed I couldn’t take my daughter to the city for our beloved ramen to celebrate her 21st birthday—I found ramen@home through the NYT. I was elated but nothing prepared me for how authentic and moving this bowl of ramen would be when prepared in my own kitchen. It transported us to a rich and delicious ramen experience. Super easy (I made 6 minute soy eggs to accompany it)—I will order again and again. My only advice—double your order as I did—the ramen hedonist in me knew one portion per person wouldn’t suffice. 🥢♥️

The Truffle Shoyu Ramen was very delicious, fresh and clean tasting. I followed the directions exactly and was very pleased. It was very flavorable. I used a little more cooking time for the noodles. The noodles were very fresh. I am sure they made them, cuz they sure were not made from cup of noodles, that’s for sure, lol.

PackageMIX – Fish Tonkotsu Ramen (for 2ppl) & Truffle Shoyu Ramen (for 2ppl)
Shipping Cost to NYC$0.00
Pricing Per Serving$18.75

URL: https://www.ramenathome.nyc/


Ramen Hero

Ramen Hero has offered ramen meal kits since 2015. 

Ramen Hero offers a variety of ramen kits that include spicy ramen, basic Tonkotsu and Shoyu ramen as well as vegan ramen.

PackageWith A Kick Variety Pack
Shipping Cost to NYC$15.00
Pricing Per Serving$21.62

URL: https://ramenhero.com/


AFURI (via Goldbelly)

Born in Kanagawa, Japan, AFURI is best known as Yuzu Ramen that features a citrusy, highly fragrant, unique flavour: Yuzu.

AFURI offers their signature Yuzu Ramen as well as Tsukemen and other spicy selections.

PackageYuzu Shio Ramen Kit for 3
Shipping Cost to NYC$0.00
Pricing Per Serving$24.80

URL: https://www.goldbelly.com/afuri


Menya Jiro (via Goldbelly)

Born in Kagoshima, Japan, Menya Jiro offers delightful ramen broth that combines Tonkotsu and Torigara (Chicken-based) and won the NY Street Ramen Contest in 2016 and 2017.

PackageRich Japanese Kagoshima Tonkotsu Ramen Meal Kit for 4
Shipping Cost to NYC$0.00
Pricing Per Serving$27.25

URL: https://www.goldbelly.com/menya-jiro-ramen


Ramen Nakamura (via Goldbelly)

Ramen Nakamura is run by Shigetoshi “Jack” Nakamura is most known as the mastermind behind Ramen Lab. 

The Ramen Nakamura’s ramen kit features Tsukemen and Torigara Ramen.

PackageTorigara Ramen Kit for 4
Shipping Cost to NYC$0.00
Pricing Per Serving$29.75

URL: https://www.goldbelly.com/ramen_nakamura


Ivan Ramen (via Goldbelly)

Being popular in both Japan and New York, Ivan Ramen offers one of a kind ramen experience with their signature Tokyo Shoyu and Shio ramen.

PackageBest Seller Ramen Kits for 4
Shipping Cost to NYC$0.00
Pricing Per Serving$37.25

URL: https://www.goldbelly.com/ivan-ramen


Bottom Line

Increasingly, there are lots of ramen restaurants that offer ramen kits. Let us know if you find other restaurants that we didn’t cover.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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