About Our Shipping

Next Day Delivery is Available on Mercato

You don’t have to wait for a week to get your bowls delivered anymore. Mercato will deliver your favorite bowls right to your door next day.

Ship Once a Week on Tuesday

We ship every Monday (the cutoff times at 9pm on the last Thursday). The arrival will be in 1-3 days depending on your location.

We cover all the 48 contiguous states and don’t ship to Hawaii or Alaska.

Shipping Fee

The minimum order amount is $50. Our delivery fee varies based on your order amount:

  • Order $50 – $99: $8.99
  • Order $100+: Free Shipping

Recommended Bowls

[v] Creamy Vegetarian Basil Ramen

Filled with the creamy flavor, it offers an unprecedentedly deep and robust flavor experience for vegetarian ramen lovers.

Tonkotsu Black Mayu Pork Kimchi Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen, a popular bowl in NYC for its rich taste, topped with Pork Kimchi, pork belly stir-fried with Kimchi, a spicy pickle.

Spicy Chicken Leg Shio Ramen

Shio Ramen, a simple, yet refined and flavorful bowl, topped with a whole chicken leg and spices.

Who We Are

We are a ramen meal kit delivery service who provides high quality, authentic Japanese ramen to homes.

Not only do we serve authentic ramen, but we also bring fresh concepts to the table: a variety of new toppings and Ajihen, something you’ve never experienced in your ramen adventures before.

As a New York based company, we hope to inspire the next-generation of ramen enthusiasts and to be able to provide this experience worldwide.